Types of Washing Machines: All You Need To Know!!

Would you rather load your clothes from the top of a top washing machine rather than doing it in a front-loading window washer? The choice remains to you, everything depends on the needs of your budget. Guidedecuisine.com brings you some clarification on the different types of washing machines that exist in the market today.

Here are the types of washing machines to choose from according to your needs.

Let’s start with the top load washing machine that, as its name suggests, loads from the top and occupies a smaller space than other models of washing machines. The top washing machines are often preferred by people who do not want to bend the body when loading clothes into the machine. According to one source, the use of this type of washing machine is more widespread than that of the front-loading washing machine in the four corners of the world. Also, this model has been a huge success because of its dimensions that adapt perfectly to small spaces. Only downside: their washing capacity is always less interesting than other models because their drum has a maximum capacity of 8 Kg.

Then there is the window washing machine, front loading, which are often adopted by large families. Wider than washing machines, porthole washing machines are available in several types: a classic for large spaces and slims for small fireplaces. Not to mention their main advantage of being built-in and their ability to integrate effectively into your kitchen without taking up much space. In recent years, manufacturers have been very interested in small window washing machines called “slims”. These last ones are more sexy, deep and powerful.

Finally, we conclude this list with the mini washing machines that keep dazzling most homes, small ones. The mini washing machines have the characteristics it takes to fascinate singles, campers or students because they adapt perfectly to their need in terms of washing. Basic programs, affordable prices for everyone, sufficient capacity, very light and easy to move, all are advantages of this small device that make life easier for small households.

The dimensions

Today, there are several models of washing machines, each with its main dimensions that characterize the others. Some adapt to families living in a small house, others stick perfectly to large families with lots of space in their homes. And these make them the best washing machine in India As stated in the previous paragraphs, there is a big difference in size depending on the type of washing machine chosen:

– Window washing machines are often lower than other models. Unlike window machines, top models often have a smaller width.
– Most top washing machines are about 40 to 45 cm wide, while the porthole machines are 60 cm wide and 60 cm deep.

If you have a small space in your kitchen and you want to have a window machine, it is no longer a problem. Equip yourself with a slim porthole washing machine that simply fits small spaces.

The prices

The prices of washing machines vary according to the chosen models, classic or innovative. There is a large number of washing machines currently, classic washing machine, connected washing machine and many others. Prices are 80 to 150 euros for mini washing machines, 150 to 600 euros for conventional machines and 300 to 1000 euros for more efficient models.

Not to mention that there are other criteria that must be used in order to choose your washing machine, namely the energy class, which is a very important element to know if your next device will reduce your bills. energy or not.

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