If you do not have a domestic water filter yet, you should really think about it. With so many chemicals and foreign particles contaminating our water, having safe, clean, safe water has become a challenge. Buying bottled mineral water for drinking water becomes very expensive in the long run. Fortunately, domestic water filters turn your tap water into clean, safe, pure and safe water.

Aside from drinking, water is used for many other things. Cleaning the house, cooking, watering plants, bathing and brushing your teeth, among others also require clean and safe water.

Many water filters are available on the market. Some are intended to filter the water from the kitchen sink . Others are designed to filter the water from the shower, to ensure it is clean to clean your body. Still others are designed to filter tap water and convert it to alkaline water.

Nevertheless, installing a water filter on each water source in the house can be expensive. To ensure clean, safe water for the entire house, why not have a filter on the house water system? It’s like having water filters on all the water sources in the house.

The domestic water filtration system will have to remove chemicals and contaminants as soon as they enter the plumbing. Thus, what will flow from the shower, sink or faucet will be clean and secure for use and consumption.



While tap water may have already been treated and therefore considered clean, the fact is that many chemicals have been put in it – mainly chlorine – and the acidity or alkalinity of the water can attack our own body. This is why it is important to study the installation of a domestic water filter.

Before judging if your home or neighborhood requires a home filtration system, do the following:

  • Do some research . Find out about water quality at local government offices. Especially if you are near an industrial area or if you know that the water source is nearby. The same is true if the local area has a dilapidated water infrastructure.
  • Gather other information . Discuss with your neighbors to find out if people in the area have problems with water, such as a strange taste, or if some of their family members have regular stomachaches. If you are new to the neighborhood, it will seem a bit odd, so be friendly above all else.
  • Do some analysis . Nothing prevents you from having the tap water analyzed by a professional laboratory. Thus, you will have solid and concrete data. This will make it easier to choose the filtration system for your water system.

If local offices suggest installing your own domestic water filter, now’s the time to do it. So you will have the confidence and tranquility to use clean, safe and potable water in your home.


A true domestic water filtration system solves several problems and follows certain steps:

  • Pre-filtration : The first filter tank filters dirt and all sediments up to 10 microns. In addition, it should stop 80% of the chlorine present in the water. It’s basic filtering.
  • Filtration for Wastewater Maintenance: Depending on the chemistry of the water, treating the water with this second filter will remove most hard minerals from the water. Your plumbing and sanitary facilities will last longer with less sediment deposition over time. This step will prevent discoloration of your laundry and will allow your detergent to be chemically more active.In the end, selecting the features of your system depends on the water in your area. The proper domestic water filtration system would have a basic and rigid mineral filtration connected throughout the house network. However, having a third filtering stage specially adapted for the kitchen will provide drinking water – something you will not necessarily need for other sources.


  • Filtration for drinking: The installation of a third filter is recommended, especially for the water you drink. This solid block water filter can effectively filter particles up to 0.5 microns, such as carbon.

Most filters are based on solid blocks, granules and ceramic, which ensure the removal of contaminating particles. These filters are typically associated with activated carbon components and de-ionization filters, to remove hazardous chemicals and a considerable number of harmful organisms in the water.

However, in some cases, special filtration systems are needed.

  • Water Softening – As mentioned earlier, this will help maintain plumbing and minimize laundry discolouration. This will also give soap and detergents more efficiency. Ion exchange filters are usually used for this purpose, where calcium and magnesium are replaced by sodium.
  • Ozone – Ozone filtration is used to kill bacteria and other microorganisms by aeration of water with ozone.
  • Ultraviolet Light – Like ozone filtration, ultraviolet light is intended to kill microorganisms and bacteria. This filtration is done by replacing a small section of the filtration piping with a translucent material that will allow ultraviolet light to pass.


Apart from the different filtration modules, you will also need to consider the volume of water to be filtered. For a small group of people, all you need is a faucet or sink water filter. However, for large families, offices or even small buildings, the installation of a larger filter in the basement or in a peripheral shed would be much more suitable.


An important factor in planning your home filtration system is the cost. Segment installation will help you manage your budget more easily. In this case, start with a basic filtration first, then continue to add special filters with the money saved.

The total cost of a domestic water filter is around one thousand euros, with at least 500 € to 600 € for families and smaller homes. Domestic water filtration may seem extravagant to many people, but it is a matter of health and safety. As a result, the game is worth the effort.


Here! The complete guide for the domestic water filter. We try to provide you with only the best water purifiers products.

Make sure you check all the points before making a decision about the system you need … these filters are quite expensive and it would be a pity to buy one that does not fit your specific needs.